Join in on a series of trips and events that are organised via iEP Connect to allow members to get together to interact and expand their networks, sharing resources, while also exploring rich opportunities in different environments and cultures!

We offer two main types of networking events; Casual and Strong Contact Networking.


This type of networking involves networking with members in a casual setting.  This could be things like a local chamber after hour events, a happy hour, etc.  The goal at these types of events is to make connections with members in a more relaxed “non-business” type of atmosphere.


This type of networking is an involvement in a networking group to pass business referrals to other members of the group —  To create trusting relationships with the individuals in the group, which will increase their trust level in you and your services and they will  feel more comfortable to consistently refer business to you.


Explore our latest gallery below.

Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise
Awards Ceremony – October 2015, Singapore

Midas Touch Asia 2015
Guest of Honor: Mr Kofi Annan

Asia Pacific Top CEO Conference 2015
Chengdu, China

iEP Grand Conference
August 2015, Singapore

iEP Business Sharing Sessions
Weekly – 2015, Singapore

Leadership Development Camp
September 2015, Singapore

iEP BBQ Beach Party
September 2015, Singapore

National Achievers Congress 2015
2015, Singapore

Capital Markets Conference
2015, Malaysia

iEP Grand Conference
February 2015, Singapore 

Maritime Silk Road Art Festival
October 2015, Shanghai

iEP Connect Trip
October 2015, Shanghai

Malaysia China Entrepreneurs Conference
November 2015 

iEP Connect Trip
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

iEP Soft Launch of Business Center
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

iEP Grand Conference
November 2015, Singapore

iEP Leadership Development Camp
November 2015, Singapore

One Asia Awards
2015, Singapore

Masters of Wealth by Robert Kiyosaki
Official Sponsor – 2015, Singapore

世界最早的命理学家: 彭祖
SingaporeDecember 2015

iEP Cashflow Workshop

Better Than Normal – Conference
2016, Singapore

Super Saturday Conference
2016, Singapore

USME 春晚 LNY Entrepreneurs Grand Gala
2016, Singapore

iEP Lunar New Year Celebration
February 2016, Singapore

iEP Singapore Advisor Birthday Celebration
March 2016, Singapore

National Achievers Congress 2016: Living Legends
May 2016, Singapore

iEP Singapore Grand Gala – Mother’s Day Celebration
May 2016, Singapore

Hong Kong Singapore Business Association (HSBA) 22nd Anniversary Gala Dinner
June 2016, Singapore

iEP Cambodia Grand Gala
July 2016, Cambodia

Miss Earth Singapore 2016
July 2016, Cambodia

July 2016, Cambodia

iEP Singapore Grand Gala
September 2016, Singapore

RedMoon Festival
September 2016, Singapore

Inaugural Qipao Association – Finals
September 2016, Singapore

iConnect Welcome Dinner and Kuala Lumpur Leisure
October 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

iConnect IEP Kuala Lumpur Exclusive in-house Training Workshop
October 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Excellent Entrepreneur Award
October 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia 4th Global Economic Summit
12-15 December 2016, Malaysia

World Memory Championship 2016
14-17 December 2016, Singapore

IEP Christmas Party Celebration
21 December 2016, Singapore

2017 春晚 Lunar New Year Celebration
13 January 2017, Singapore

金星 – Shanghai Tango 《海上探戈》
19 January 2017, Singapore

IEP Chinese New Year 2017
31 January 2017, Singapore

IEP Grand Gala Singapore Spring 2017
2 March 2017, Singapore

Entrepreneurs Forum
20 July 2017, Malaysia, Johor Bahru

8th Anniversary Tong He Dragon & Lion Dance Athletic Culture Centre
4 November 2017, Singapore

IEP Christmas Celebration Party 2017
21 December 2017, Singapore

IEP 收工酒 2018
6 February 2018, Singapore

Hong Kong Awards Yazhou Zhoukan
23 April 2018, Hong Kong

The 6th Global Economic Development Forum – ‘One-Belt-One-Road’
December 2018, Qatar

Qatar Exploration
December 2018, Qatar

Vietnam Exploration
13 December 2018, Vietnam

Top 100 International Business Style Awards 2018-2019
13 December 2018, Vietnam